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Academic Assessment Manual

Support Area Assessment Manual

Support Area Assessment Timelines

  • IE Plans and Assessment Reports are due from each area on an annual basis.
  • These should be submitted to the IEO after approval by the office which supervises the area. Examples:
    • IE Plans for Student Services areas should be approved by the Dean of Student Services.
    • IE Plans for facilities and finance areas should be approved by the Vice President of Finance and Facilities.
  • For most areas, the Assessment Reports for the prior year and IE Plans for the coming year are due by July 1. However, this schedule may vary by department to suit the workflow and natural reporting cycles of that area. A schedule of due dates by area is available on VW Connect.
  • Previous IE Plans and Assessment Reports for all areas are available on VW Connect.

Support Area IE Plan Template (DOCX)

Support Area Assessment Report Template (XLSX)

Assessment Terms and Definitions (DOCX)

Assessment Overview (DOCX)

Support Area Assessment at Virginia Western (DOCX)

References (DOCX)

Support Area IE Plans and Assessment Results (internal access only - VWConnect)

Tips for Increasing Response Rates on Online Course Evaluations (PDF)

More detailed results are available to campus personnel on the Institutional Effectiveness site on VWConnect.


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